RADZ custom 100%, hand laid, Carbon Fiber, LIFT Off Hood, was made for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000's.The Hood is light weight, durable , functional and looks awesome. The hood is easily removed by the click of 4 aluminum locks, allowing repairs and adjustments to be made to the front end in seconds. The  built in hood scoop, allows more air to the oil cooler, keeping your Cat cooler. The hood scoop can also house a 12" light bar and camera system. Give your Cat an Attitude adjustment, with RADZ Carbon Fiber Lift Off HOOD.      LIMITED AMOUNT PRODUCED     $680

The HardBack Trunk Lid was designed for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat X's. The HardBack is made from precision cut aluminum plate, with an all aluminum hinge that extends the entire width of the lid. The dual gas struts keep the lid up when opened. The 2 billet aluminum locks keep the lid secured in tough desert conditions. The Lid comes powder coat black with a spoiler mounted on it, which looks fantastic and acts as a handle when lifting the lid.  The HardBack Trunk Lid was made for the person who wants style and storage. Don't compromise the look of your Cats ass, by saving $'s, buy HardBack!                                                  $560 



            2012 - 2018      WILDCAT X PRODUCTS

The AIRX2 secondary Intake system was designed for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000's. The  AIRX2 delivers more air to your Cat's engine, enhancing it's performance. Utilizing the OEM air filter box, the AIRX2 creates a secondary air passage located directly across from the OEM original air inlet, increasing the air volume by two. The AIRX2 does not change the way you clean your air filter or effect the function of it. The AIRX2 is easy to install. The AIRX2 clearly gives your Cat more air when it needs it the most. DON'T CHOKE YOUR CAT ANY MORE!                                      $110   

The AIRCOWL Scoop / Vent, one of RADZ Top Sellers, we're designed for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000's. The all aluminum AIRCOWL replaces the OEM plastic radiator access panel that commonly comes loose. AIRCOWLS make it easier to access the radiator by the push of a button on a billet aluminum lock, while keeping the AIRCOWL secure in rough desert conditions. AIRCOWLS draw cool air in, while letting heat escape, keeping your Cat cooler!                     $160            

BADASS Bumpers were designed for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000's. These all steel bumpers are made from laser cut 3/16" steel plate, with heavy steel wall tubing and billet steel end caps. The Bumpers are made compact for weight, strength and impact. RADZ Bumpers are made tough, yet easy to install. RADZ BADASS front and back bumpers protect your Cat the way a bumper is supposed too. Replace your bent up aluminum bumpers with RADZ BADASS Bumpers, this will be the last set of bumpers you will ever have to buy!                                                                      $480 

The TAILBONE skid plate was designed for all Textron Arctic Wildcat 1000's. The Tailbone replaces the OEM rear skid plate section that eventually wears away. The TAILBONE is made from 3/16" aluminum plating, which is very durable, long wearing and strengthens the lower rear frame of your Cat. The TAILBONE comes black powder coat paint with stainless steel hardware and easy installation notes. Why replace the entire skid plate, when all your Cat needs is a TAILBONE!            $110                                                           

RADZ VENTALATOR clutch intake system was designed for all Textron A/C Wildcat 1000's. The VENTALATOR gives your Cat 30" of fresh unobstructed air flow to the clutch housing, verses OEM's 66" of obstructed air flow. RADZ VENTALATOR lowers your Cats inner clutch housing temperature, because of the increased volume of air that passes thru it. More air Flow - cooler Temperatures- Longer lasting belts and clutch parts. Simple, easy and effective!                                $110


RADZ TIREBUDY spare tire rack was desined for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat X 1000's. The TIREBUDY was specifically built for the long distance driver, who faces all terrains, where weight distribution is a factor. The TIREBUDY with it's heavy duty construction, fits and locks in exactly like the passenger seat does, holding your spare tire secure and giving your Cat equal weight distribution.       MADE TO ORDER       $390

RADZ CAT BOX DOOR, another Top Seller was designed for all Textron A/C Wildcat 1000's. The aluminum door replaces the OEM plastic door that warps from extreme temperatures, which make it hard to open or close. The door is made from precision cut 1/8" aluminum plating. The door comes with a billet aluminum locking mechanism that creates easy access and at the same time keeps the door secure in rough desert conditions. The Cat box door comes in a black powder coat finish, looks great and functions even better. Give your Cat's dash a face lift and solve a problem at the same time!                   $160

RADZ ROCKBARZ were designed for all Textron  Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 2 seaters. The BARZ are made from 3/8" steel plate, 1/8" steel wall tubing with billet steel end caps. The BARZ come with 3/8" grade 8 hardware and easy to do installation notes.The ROCKBARZ help protect the side of your Cat from side embankments, bushes, and boulders. The BARZ come powder coat black, look great and they are tough. Put some meat on your Cats rib cage with RADZ ROCKBARZ!                                                               $420 


RADZ LIZARD SKINZ were designed for all Textron Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 2 seaters. The SKINZ are made out of 1/8" aluminum plate, painted powder coat black. The Skinz were designed to replace the OEM plastic side panels that fade and crack over time. The SKINZ come with steel tabs, that you weld to the frame of your Cat and stainless steel hardware to secure them. The Skinz give your Cat a sleek and unique side profile. Skinz your Cat, you will like the look! WELDING REQUIRED                                                                                 $240